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What is Influencer Marketing?

Nowadays influencer marketing is in high demand and there are lot many numbers influencers coming from different domains helping with the marketing of any specific products, solutions, or services.

So firstly, who is an influencer?

Well, an influencer is any person or something which influences people or encourages people to do something. If we talk about a Social Influencer, then he/she is someone who influences people through social media. For example, if there is a person having a few or a large number of followers on his/her Instagram account; then and he if is encouraging/influencing people through Instagram; then you can call him an Instagram influencer. Likewise, there are YouTube Influencers, Facebook Influencers, Blog Influencers, etc.

The influencers could be famous celebrities or non-celebrities but who can spread a brand or business or products/service awareness among people through some form of a medium such as Social Media, Online Media, Websites, Blogs, etc.

Do you need a large audience to be an influencer?

Well, it is not necessary that you must have a large audience, however, having a large audience will give you a great advantage of spreading the message that you want to convey to people or even it helps you with decent earning.

Now, as you know who is an influencer, let's talk about what is influencer marketing.

Basically, Influencer Marketing is again a form of online marketing of products, solutions, or services owned by companies/brands by collaborating with online influencers.

In short, if any influencer encourages people to buy a product or service of a specific brand, then he is actually doing influencer marketing for that respective product or service.

Why do companies go for Influencer Marketing?

The influencer is usually emotionally connected with people. People follow influencers through social media or website as they believe in them, listen to them, and trusts them.

Brands simply work with the influencers to build the brand, improve brand recognition, brand awareness.

Some of the benefits of Influencer Marketing as listed below;

  • Launching of a new product owned by the brand.

  • Build trust, build credibility and relationship with people through influencers

  • Improve brand awareness

  • Reach out to your particular targeted audience from a specific domain or locality or industry, etc

  • Enrich your content strategies

To give you an example, I believe you may already know Khaby Lame, he is a famous personality showing simple traditional solutions over unnecessary complex things. He has great followings on social media such as Instagram, Twitter. Recently, a well-known Indian brand "Dream11" worked with Khaby Lame for their brand promotion. In the below image & ad, Khaby worked with Dream11 during IPL where he did an advertisement. This ad went viral on social media as he posted that on his social media and his large number of followers viewed it that helped Dream11 to increase their brand outreach overseas.

Viraj Ghelani who is a digital creator and influencer was also a part of this advertisement.

I believe you might have got an idea about what is influencer marketing and how strong it can be in terms of branding and also in terms of great earnings for influencers.

If you are an influencer or wanna be an influencer and work with companies; become a part of our influencer network and join our community. Do get in touch with us by filling this simple contact form and our team will get back to you.

See you soon!


Sweet Socials Team

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